Custom Wearable Art

My passion for artwork, combined with my love for fashion fused a whole new stage in my life from the moment my paint brush touched its first pair of Converse. I love creating unique individual pieces of wearable artwork that people are able to enjoy and display. After getting all the positive feedback from each person I have created a piece for, I think that is really what inspires me to work hard and push myself to new levels, doing things I never have before with a paint brush.

From canvas, to leather, to plastic, if someone wants me to make a special one of a kind item, I make it happen. I am always trying to expand my media types, and broaden my variety of styles and designs I offer, so I love when people come to me with new ideas that I have never thought of incorporating on one of my customs. I started out drawing and painting years before I even began working with shoes, so I think that is part of what really separates me and gives me an advantage when creating very detailed and intricate pieces for each person I work with.

I strive to make my customers happy, because at the end of the day, I wouldn't be where I am today without all the love and support I have received since I began my journey customizing shoes and everything else people have come to me to work on. From start to finish, each project is handled with the same amount of care, regardless if I have known you for 10 years, or we only spoke once, because I take pride in my work, as it is my passion in life.

They don't always have to be just shoes, with a little time and creativity, they can become much more: wearable art.

"Create what you can't have"  - Angelus Direct